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Ankh 'Life'

Ankh 'Life'

This symbol named Ankh means 'Life' to Ancient Egyptians.

"You never see the artifact, you see the space it used to fill." - Nourine Hammad.

This artwork serves as a metaphor for the enduring legacy of the Ancient Egyptians, even though they no longer exist

In Hammad's experimentation to create this artwork, she pressed the Ankh on powder depicting the imprint and impact that Ancient Egyptians have left in this world for thousands of years.

In this artwork, Nourine incorporates the “mountain and valley” illusion to generate varying perceptions among viewers. Some will see the symbol as engraved into the surface, while others will view it as popping out. This visual effect adds a controversial element to the artwork as it prompts different interpretations and perspectives from each individual viewer.

Medium: Pencil on 100% cotton paper.

Size: 80 cm x 100 cm (approx).

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