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Lotus Flower 'Happiness'

Lotus Flower 'Happiness'


The Lotus Flower to Ancient Egyptians means ‘Happiness’. Following the same concept as the Ankh artwork, pressing the symbol embodies the significance of this flower to Ancient Egyptians. This symbol is engraved in Egyptian tombs and temples in the belief that the dead was happy in his life and will be in his afterlife. The written symbol was also believed to emit a flowery scent in the tombs.

In this artwork, Nourine created the artwork with pencils, incorporating the illusion of “Mountains and Valleys” to generate varying perceptions among viewers. Some will see the Lotus Flower symbol as engraved into the surface, while others will view it as popping out. This visual effect adds a controversial element to the artwork as it prompts different interpretations and perspectives from each individual viewer.

Medium: Pencil on 100% cotton paper.

Size: 104 cm x 124 cm (approx).

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